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03 May, 2007

San Ramón: Organic Coffee Farm Volunteer Work

Chris With a Machete!
Chris and I spent half of our time working in the coffee farm with the coffee plants. We helped Gary prune the plants. We cut off the smaller stems from the branch Gary trimmed with a large machete, as you can see Chris with in the picture, he is loving it! The stems and leaves were left on the ground in the coffee farm and help as an organic fertilizer and a component to prevent weeds from growing. After gathering plenty of the branches, we piled them up and brought them to Gary’s neighbor. He traded the branches, which the man used as firewood to cook with, and in turn received horse manure. The manure is used for the farms composting, and is discussed in other pictures. The pruning of the coffee plant is pretty excessive, more excessive than non organic coffee farms. This allows the plant more room to grow, and they grow healthier. Chris and I also helped dig holes and replant trees for Gary; this was helping him maintain a natural fence around the farm to keep out other chemicals and pollution.
We were able to use lost of cool heavy farm tools!

Author: Nicole Lynch