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13 January, 2007

Playa Langosta: Las Baulas National Park

Sea Turtle Egg Development Research
Ashley & Renee assisting Alejandro in data collection on sea turtle egg
development at Las Baulas National Park.

Darlene with Baby Leatherback Sea Turtle 
Sea turtle volunteers often get the opportunity to see baby sea turtles close-up when they are collected during the day and re-released at night to give them a better chance of survival. 

Introductory Sea Turtle Research Meeting 
 The 2007 group receiving instructions on research methods employed in conservation of sea turtles from Eddy, Coordinator of Las Baulas National Park, Playa Langosta Sector.

Baby Green Turtle 
One of a clutch of baby green turtles that was collected during the day and released
under the cover of night to improve their chances of survival.

Learning About Leatherback Sea Turtles
A presentation on the biology of Leatherback Sea Turtles prior to beginning
volunteering with research & data collection.

Rustic Playa Langosta Accomodations (at that time)
The rustic accomodations at Las Baulas National Park (Playa Langosta Sector). |
This camping shelter was available as an alternative to sleeping on the beach.

10 January, 2007

Cañas: Las Pumas Wildlife Rehabilitation Center

A jaguar in rehabilitation at the Las Pumas Rescue Center in Canas. 

Keel-Billed Toucan
 A toucan in recuperation at the Las Pumas Resue Center we visited enroute to
Guanacaste from the Central Valley.

09 January, 2007

Palmares: Madre Verde Reserve

Reforestation Activity: Carbon Sequestering & more.
Planting a tree during our visit to the Madre Verde watershed conservation project in Palmares.  The reserve forms part of the Montes de Aguacate biological cooridor, is a community watershed conservation project, & is involved in environmental education.

06 January, 2007

San Ramón: Alberto Brenes Biological Reserve

Pre-Montane Arboreal Frog
A rain forest tree frog we photographed (extensively!) at the Alberto Brenes Biological Reserve.
We'll have to ask Jeff for the exact species name!

Exploring 'Puddle Ecology'
Investigating life in a pre-montane rain forest puddle with Jeff Streicher
(GMU Faculty), a specialist in Costa Rican Frogs.

Insect Identification 
One of the night activities at the Alberto Brenes Biological Reserve:
Viewing a collection of insects. 

La Fortuna Area

Agriculture & Land Use: Casava (Yucca)
Miguel Karian (EEI Director) teaching about land use during a visit to a Casava (Yucca)
plantation in the Fortuna region.

Winter 2007 Group at Arenal Volcano
A visit to the Arenal National Park & volcano. 

03 January, 2007

San José: National Biodiversity Institute & Park

Tropical Diversity in Costa Rica Lecture
A presentation on tropical diveristy in Costa Rica at the National Biodiversity Institute by
Dr. Carlos Valerio G., Vice-President of the Board of Directors.