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14 January, 2009

Playa Langosta: Las Baulas National Park

 Everything You Wanted to Know About Sea Turtles...
...but we not afraid to ask: A presentation by Ryan

Learning on the Sand: Sea Turtle Nesting
A lesson on learning how female sea turtles dig their nests to lay their eggs. A couple days later,
some group members put that knowledge to work in re-locating two Olive Ridley sea turle nests.

Mangrove Lesson
Ryan giving a lesson on mangrove ecology during a visit to the estuary near Playa Langosta.

 Sunset at Playa Langosta
A nightly ritual at Langosta: Watching the sunset.

12 January, 2009

Palmares: Madre Verde Reserve

 The 'Green Team'
The group ready to go to work helping maintain trees in a reforestation project in Palmares.

Volunteer Service: Reforestation Maintenance
Helping clean the area surrounding seedlings in the reforestation
project of Madre Verde Reserve in Palmares.

Taking Only Memories, Leaving Only Trees
The tree we planted at Madre Verde Reserve in Palmares to support local reforestation efforts and offset carbon emissions associated with the course. It is calculated that this tree will sequester the total carbon dioxide emmissions in less than five years.

07 January, 2009

San Ramón: Alberto Brenes Biological Reserve

 Birding in the Field
Learning about birding techniques from Ryan at the biological reserve.

One of the specimines of birds trapped (and released) at the biological reserve. 

The Rain Forest
A view of the premontane rain forest, in the rain no less!

Tropical Plant Biodiversity
Learning about tropical plant diversity in the premontane forest near San Ramon.

 River Rats
Hiking to a waterfall in the Alberto Brenes Biological Reserve. 

Deep Ecology Activity
Sub-group members exploring their connection with the Earth in a
'deep ecology' activity facilitated by Miguel.

Micro Hydroelectric Plant Visit
Dr. Karian explaining how a micro-hydroelectric plant works during a visit to the plant
that powers the biological field station at Alberto Brenes Biological Reserve.

 Rainforest Hike
Hiking into the biological reserve.

05 January, 2009

Poas National Park & Volcano

 Poas Volcano Visit
A clear day at 2,800 meters elevation at Poas Volcano! 

Poas Volcano Laguna
The laguna at Poas Volcano. A rarity to see it so clear, coinsidering it is in a cloud forest.

03 January, 2009

San José: National Biodiversity Institute & Park

 Field Site Presentation
The group attending a presentation on biological diversity & field study work at INBIO Park.