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14 July, 2005

El Sur: Rural Community Visit

Hike to the Local River
During a rural visit we enjoyed a hike to
(and refreshing dip in) the river.

Community Eco-lodge
We visited a small rural community and heard about the challenges and successes of
rural development first-hand. Here we are in fornt of one of two eco-lodges
they have constructed with the help of international donations.

Community Center of El Sur
Our visit to the community of El Sur included a typical lunch in the community center.

Amber & Alejandra at the River
Amber, a program participant (left), enjoying a visit to the
local river with Alejandra Maria, a local resident.

Two-toed Sloth
A baby two-toed sloth in Manuel Antonio National Park.

11 July, 2005

Poas National Park & Volcano

Cloud Forest Vegetation at Poas Volcano
Typical vegetation of a tropical cloud forest. This one was taken during a hike through 
Poas Volcano National Park, the second-most visited national park in Costa Rica. 

Laguna Poas
A crater lake at Poas Volcano National Park.

Cloud Forest Visit & Hike
Group shot in the cloud forest of Poas Volcano.

10 July, 2005

San Jose Area

Our Primary 'Classroom' near San Jose
The primary location for this trip was an environmentally-friendly hotel certified as a 'Sustainable Tourism Site' by an association of Costa Rican govermental and non-governmental organizations. It is located in the suburb of Ciudad Colon on the outscirts of San Jose.

The Peace Monument
A visit to Peace University and
the Monument to Peace.

 Learning About  Biological Diversity
A visit to INBIO Park to lear about the diversity of tropical ecosystems in Costa Rica.

Central American Free-Trade Presentation
A typical presentation: Patenting of biodiversity within the framework of CAFTA
(Tratado de Libre Commercio or TLC in Spanish) and international development,
accompanied by Costa Rican coffee and snacks.

Green Iguana
A green iguana at INBIO Park, a research & demonstration biological diversity park in Santo Domingo de Heredia.