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13 January, 2010

Playa Langosta: Las Baulas National Park

Marine Ecology Lecture: Jason giving a marine ecology lecture
at the beach (what an appropriate place!).

 Estuary Visit: A visit to the local estuary during a field activity on mangrove ecology.

Nesting Leatherback Sea Turtle: Collecting data and leatherback 
sea turtle eggs from a nesting female
(thanks Chris!). 

Leatherback Sea Turtle Eggs: A clutch of leatherback sea turtle eggs we
relocated further up the beach so the tide wouldn't flood them.

Kitchen at Playa Langosta: The kitchen and common area at Playa Langosta
where we assisted with sea turtle conservation and research.

 Bedding at Playa Langosta: Paige sleeping under her mosquito net in the women's tarp,
which houses up to six people.

12 January, 2010

Palmares: Madre Verde Reserve

'Green Mother' Butterfly: A beautiful butterfly in the Madre Verde reserve (courtesy of Jason).

Tree Planting Ceremony: Miguel leading a tree-planting ceremony during the course.
In addition to (more than) offsetting carbon released as a result of the course, the EEI
'Carbon & Community' program supports local community conservation efforts.

10 January, 2010

La Fortuna Area

Reticulated Glass Frog: A small reticulated frog we found while exploring at night
in the garden at our favorite eco-lodge.

White-Nosed Coati: A coati (Pizote) who came out to visit us on the road near La Fortuna.

09 January, 2010

La Fortuna: Hanging Bridges

Buttress Roots: A huge tree with buttress roots in Hanging Bridges Reserve.

Waterfall: A beautiful waterfall we visited in the northern zone
(special thanks to Chris for this pic).

06 January, 2010

San Ramón: Alberto Brenes Biological Reserve

  Aquatic Insect Collection Field Activity: Collecting insects in the river,
which we later identified in the laboratory with microscopes.

 Plant Diversity Identification: Learning about tropical plant diversity
in the laboratory after collecting samples in the field.

Plant Leaf Stoma: Viewing the stoma of a leaf through a microscope during a
tropical plant diversity activity in the rain forest.

Night Exploration: Nocturnal exploration in the rain forest.

Leaf Insect: A nocturnal leaf insect we found during our night exploration activity.

 Small Nocturnal Snake:An unidentified snake we found during our night activity.

05 January, 2010

San Ramón: University of Costa Rica

University of Costa Rica 'Demonstration Forest': A hike through the UCR demonstration forest 
where a wild troop of howler monkeys live, and research and environmental education takes place.

View of San Ramon from the UCR: A view of the town of San Ramon during a visit to the
University of Costa Rica, Western Regional Campus.

03 January, 2010

Miscellaneous Wildlife

Adult Iguana: Mature 'green' iguana, though it doesn't appear very green!

Howler Monkey: A howler monkey (mono Congo) we ran upon in Guanacaste.

Scarlet Macaws: A couple of scarlett macaws we encountered
en-route from San Ramon to Guanacaste.