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10 July, 2005

San Jose Area

Our Primary 'Classroom' near San Jose
The primary location for this trip was an environmentally-friendly hotel certified as a 'Sustainable Tourism Site' by an association of Costa Rican govermental and non-governmental organizations. It is located in the suburb of Ciudad Colon on the outscirts of San Jose.

The Peace Monument
A visit to Peace University and
the Monument to Peace.

 Learning About  Biological Diversity
A visit to INBIO Park to lear about the diversity of tropical ecosystems in Costa Rica.

Central American Free-Trade Presentation
A typical presentation: Patenting of biodiversity within the framework of CAFTA
(Tratado de Libre Commercio or TLC in Spanish) and international development,
accompanied by Costa Rican coffee and snacks.

Green Iguana
A green iguana at INBIO Park, a research & demonstration biological diversity park in Santo Domingo de Heredia.