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23 May, 2009

San Ramón: Alberto Brenes Biological Reserve

River Exploration
Maria examining an aquatic insect in the river at Alberto Brenes.

 Discovered: Gold Beetle
A gold beetle caught in the nocturnal light trap at the Biological Reserve.

Volunteer Work: Rock Collection
Helping collect rocks from the river for a new sidewalk that is to be build in front of the field station
at the Alberto Brenes Biological Reserve. From foreground to background are:
Jen, Lynne, Lisa, Sabrina, and Maria.

Viewing the Rain Forest
Claire, Lynne, Sabrina, and Maria (foreground to background) looking out at the virgin
rain forest from the biological field station at Alberto Brenes Biological Reserve.

Tropical Plant Diversity Activity
Classification of tropical plants at the Alberto Brenes Biological Field Station. Left to right are:
Maria, Dr. Sanchez (Professor, University of Costa Rica), Sabrina and Claire.

A Beautiful River in the Biological Reserve
The primary river that runs in front of the biological field station.