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06 May, 2008

Palmares: Butterfly Garden

The ¨Mariposario¨ is the butterfly garden and it serves to increase and protect the butterfly population of the area, and for the education and enjoyment of the public. Along with the bathroom next to the center and the graffiti around the property, the Mariposario was subject to the main form of vandalism. The mesh covering the center was slashed six months prior to our arrival. Without the butterflies, the center has been in a state of abandonment. When we arrived the center was completely overgrown with weeds. We spent two days pulling out the weeds in the center and clearing the walking path. The last step was to repair the mesh netting, which we were told would be
taken care of soon after our departure.

'Our Only Home is Planet Earth:
We Take Care of It'
This sign is near the Mariposario where we worked, and close to the entrance of Madre Verde. It states the philosophy of the reserve. The main purpose of Madre Verde is to conserve the land because it is one of the main watersheds of the region for the town of Palmares. Community members come to share in the natural beauty of the area and learn about the conservation tactics of Madre Verde and how every aspect of the ecosystem plays a role in it. The sign has been vandalized along with the bathrooms and butterfly garden, possibly reflecting different viewpoints over conservation of land in the reserve.

Author: Lisa Rogers