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15 April, 2007

Palmares: Madre Verde Community Conservation

Madre Verde & Earth Education International
This sign was made for us by Madre Verde. It reads ¨Education International Para La Tierra, ¨ which is Earth Education International in Spanish. It represents our group of nine people from all walks of life who share a common goal. We all came to Costa Rica to learn, and gain experience in helping to contribute to a sustainable and peaceful future through global and regional studies, cultural immersion, cooperative problem-solving, and self-exploration. The sign was planted with our nine trees. Between the sign, and our nine trees, the group of the first ever Earth Education International will be always represented and remembered.

Madre Verde, Planting Trees
The first ever Earth Education International contributes to reforestation. Each person in our group was given a tree from the foundation. The group was designated an area in the forest to dig our holes and plant our trees. The area will forever represent Earth Education International and our goal of learning about and helping our planet. Our small contribution to help this reforestation project is a big step in the right direction. The definition of reforestation is: the process of restoring and recreating areas of woodlands or forest that once existed but were deforested or otherwise removed or destroyed at some point in the past. This was the first time for many people in the group to plant a tree, how exciting! Ironically it rained the whole time we planted our trees and through out the day as well, which is the perfect time for planting! Our trees had an amazing view of Palmares and a small valley. The tree planting was apart of a ceremony for our group. Miguel read us an extremely heart filled and super inspiring poem along with the goals and mission of our group as a Whole. He gave us certificates signifying our achievements in the program, and Earth Education International hats! Thanks Miguel!

Madre Verde, Environmental Educational Center
This is the educational center in Madre Verde. All of the schools in the area come to Madre Verde to teach the children about various environmental education. It is an area where kids can come into nature to help them understand the importance nature, physically and visually. This educational center also offers classes and events such as dinners and tree planting days. The people of the foundation also have many hopes and plans for the future of the education center. While we were there, there was a kitchen and offices being build next to the center.

Madre Verde: Walk Through the Forest
The gentleman in this photo is Willam Garcia, the administrator of the foundation Madre Verde. He is from Palmares. The foundation is made up of the people in the community but there are five main people who are representatives for the foundation. Willam taught us about the history of the area and the foundation. He lead us on an educational walk through the forest. There were beautiful views of the valley, Palmares and San Ramon.

Madre Verde, View
Madre Verde is a foundation started by the people in the community of Palmares. The people of Palmares destroyed their forests for land in order to grow tobacco and coffee, to make money to send their children to school. Because of the lack of forest, the community eventually lost their water source due to poor watershed. This loss of water is what motivated and educated the community on the importance of their natural resources and forests. In turn, the foundation was created with the purpose to recover and conserve the forests and the watershed in the area. This is a photo of the forests in the reserve. Madre Verde has three concepts for their forests: natural regeneration, reforestation, and conservation.

Madre Verde, Green forest!
This is a photo of us on our walk. This is the point in the walk where we first entered the section of the forest that was being conserved. As soon as you walk in this section, there was an amazing change in climate. Everything was very green; the temperature of the air was cooler, and moister. We were hit with the unique lush smell of a forest! On the other side of this photo was the area of reforestation. Everything was much dryer. It is still in the process of recovering from deforestation. This valley is an are of watershed, making the presents of a forest very important to the community and its water source. This just represents the importance and a forest in an area. With trees, the water and nutrients area better held in the soil and in the area, hoping to recuperate the community’s water sources.

Author: Nicole Lynch